Top Dachshund Album Covers of All Time

Featuring my Diva-dog I’ve been off work for a week or so, and while I could have wasted my time cleaning out the closets or wiping down the baseboards or some such other nonsense, I decided to be productive and creative. So after reading THIS article by Colin the Crypto Ocelot, I was inspired to play around withContinue reading “Top Dachshund Album Covers of All Time”

Life Lessons Learned from a Wiener Dog

Do’s and don’ts from my little diva I’m working from home today, which is almost always a collection of challenges and perks. Perk: I get to skip the makeup. Challenge: There’s a 9-pound attention hog doing her doggie dance, or her doggie whine, or her doggie bark-at-invisible-intruders. I confess I usually end up “wasting” atContinue reading “Life Lessons Learned from a Wiener Dog”