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Celia is still dealing with the execution of her friend, Natasha Bronlov. However, her friends have decided it’s time for her to start living again. Her friend Keith has found a new love, and her friend Marlene’s husband is on the cusp of a new business venture. Thanks to their efforts, Celia is back on her feet once again.

Then Marlene, Celia’s best friend, is kidnapped, and the kidnapper is blackmailing the reporter, forcing her to write a story…or Marlene dies.

This is a sequel to Chosen by a Killer, but can be read as a stand-alone as well.



Note: for signed copies, please specify name/message in purchase notes.


Celia Brockwell has become successful as a pragmatic, facts-only style reporter. So she is bewildered when Natasha, an actress-turned-serial-killer who despises the press, sends her a letter offering a series of interviews before her execution. Celia can’t resist the notoriety it will bring. In their sessions, they forge an unusual friendship, and Celia finds herself sharing more and more with the condemned killer.

Meanwhile, in Celia’s personal life, a fling becomes jealous, then overbearing, and then threatening. Celia has a stalker, and for the first time in her life, she isn’t in control of a situation. And when a girl can’t shake a stalker, it helps to have a murderer around to give her advice.

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Published by: Singing River Publishing, LLC

What reviewers are saying…

“A quick, easy read with just enough suspense to keep you turning the pages! Great for poolside or beach reading. Very enjoyable book. Can’t wait for the next book from this author!”

“Excellent read!! Just about the time you think you know where it’s going…there is a twist you didn’t expect! Highly recommend reading this one!! Can’t wait for her next one!”

“Started reading at 8PM – and stayed up until I finished the book! Such a great escape… Loved this book!”


Note: for signed copies, please specify name/message in purchase notes.


Priscilla Freeman has no interest in marriage, not even to her childhood chum, Nicholas Giles. He has other ideas, however, and hopes to change her mind.

At a party, however, a jealous rival sets Priscilla up in a scandal, and now her family has sent her to live with a taciturn aunt. Nicholas may never see her again. He nurses his wounded heart and buries himself in work at his uncle’s accountancy company.

Then he takes a trip to New Orleans to find new clients, and while there he visits a notorious ballroom. Across the room, he sees Priscilla, looking more beautiful than ever. Why is she there? Will she see him? And could she possibly learn to love him?


One week…One eternal event…

In a mid-sized hospital in a nameless town, three people are living one week of their lives. One is a doctor, one is a nurse, and one is a patient. They have different perspectives, experiences, and circumstances. But by the end of this week, one will have died, one will be gone, and one will be left to wonder what happened.

Far above, a group of angels watches. They have watched through millenia as empires have risen and fallen, and for the past 2000 years, they have waited for this week. This moment. The week of last days.

An abandoned farm and a grisly discovery...

Since at least 1955, the Watkins Farm has been hiding secrets – bones. And lots of them. When unsuspecting contractors uncover the burial ground, it becomes national news, and Celia is determined to uncover the story first.

The more she digs, the more connections she finds between the grisly farm and the last person she ever expected. How did all those people die, who killed them, and what part did Celia’s neighbor play in the terrible crimes?

This is Book 3 of The Celia Brockwell Suspense Series

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