It’s Here! Ava the Almost Dachshund

Twins Katrina and Kevin are overjoyed when Mom and Dad get them a dachshund puppy. Ginger is a little red bundle of love, and she fits right into the family. They grow together and soon become best friends. However, when Ginger has an accident, the family must make a very hard choice, and they are heartbroken when Ginger crosses the rainbow bridge.

A few weeks later, they hear about a dog who lost her human. Ava is heartbroken as well, and she needs a family. Ava is not quite a dachshund, and she’ll never replace Ginger. But Kevin and Katrina agree to take care of her. With time. maybe they can learn to love another pet.

“My daughter is a huge dog-lover so needless to say, she loved the book. She cried a little about Ginger. The pictures are so beautiful!! It is perfect for that (helping kids deal with losing a pet). She is very tenderhearted so I wasn’t surprised. My daughter lost a pet when she was 5. She said it reminded her of the time Chewy died. She was happy they got Ava just like she got her new dog (in her words). My daughter said to tell you it was very good!”
~ D. Wallace, child’s name redacted

You can order Ava the Almost Dachshund beginning April 15 everywhere: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

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