A New Venture

Formatting and Cover Design

Publishing a book is an adventure, and there’s always a bit of a learning curve whether you are traditionally published, self-published, or indie-published. And there are all sorts of creative outlets along the way besides the writing.
Several years ago, I decided to try my hand at NaNoWriMo. Once I joined and began looking around the forums, I noticed that creating aesthetics, banners, and book covers were a pastime of several people. I decided to try my hand, with decidedly novice results, as I only had a free tool with limited options. But it was fun, and I’ve developed the habit of toying with book cover ideas every time I work on a new project. And I began to improve. Enter Canva, outside-the-box, PowerPoint, and Adobe Creative Cloud, and I decided to put both my creativity and technology skills to work.

I’ve begun offering services formatting books for print and digital publication. I’ve also begun designing book covers. I’ve only done a few so far, but I’m hoping to be able to grow this “”side gig” into something semi-regular. I’ve encountered so many people who love writing and have a great manuscript ready, but the process of typesetting, formatting, and cover design is daunting. Add to that how expensive some of the packages can be, and I decided to find a little niche. If your book is publish-ready (that means it is well-edited and ready to go), I’d love to help you make it a self-published reality! 
If you’d like to know more, go to the “Singing River Services” tab at the top of my page. Prices are estimates and based on a 200+ page book. Shorter books will cost less.  Books with images will be priced on an individual basis depending on complexity.
And right now through the end of June, if you use this code: SINGINGRIVER, when we connect, you’ll get a 20% discount on total services!

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